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60, 90 or 2 hrs

Share your spa experience with another and allow our therapists to immerse both of you in the treatment of your choice in our gorgeous jungle location, must add, we have now been selected for two years running as the film location here in Tulum for the French T.V series Temptation Island . Our premises are divine surrounded by palm trees, the perfect area to relax.

90 mins

A powerful …energizing hands on clay massage that mineralizes, detoxes and regenerates cells while re balancing your electromagnetic energy field with the added benefits of a great massage ,a must for all
This comprehensive treatment begins with our rejuvenating Mayan clay body massage in which, a deep state of relaxation is obtained as the clay detoxifies& mineralizes the body’s organs. It is a unique sensation to be massaged from top to toe with clay; it grounds both body and mind. After removing the mask in the ocean or on site with a warm shower the body is reawakened with a deep tissue or Swedish massage on your back, using a special blend of oils. You can visible see a change in the clients who experience a mayan clay treatment, it is outstanding.

60, 90 or 2 hrs

Beneficial for detoxing and healing localized areas when clients are covered in bites on their body & it’s itchy and sore. Mayan clay relieves the itch and dis-inflames the bites. Also excellent for treating sun burn,& revitalizing internal organs.
Clay works like a magnet; it pulls toxins towards itself and releases stored energy into the area it is covering, in history the Chinese and Mayan healers often applied thick clay packs to the feet to absorb toxins from the body.

Choose one of the following areas to be treated with a thick compress of Mayan clay.
Feet, abdomen, kidneys, liver, lymph areas, chest or back. The rest of your body is massaged with a blend of coconut oils to sooth stressed muscle tissue. Mayan clay dis inflames. I have seen legs covered in bites and inflamed veins reduce in inflammation and color. Mayan Clay is truly and outstanding product.

60 mins

This is a specialized treatment for post and prenatal mother care .
The intuitive hands of your therapist work predominately on the abdomen, chest face and upper back to induce body alignment and stress release in tight muscle tissue. Special care for mother’s .Often legs and ankles are swollen during pregnancy due to fluid retention, this can be treated with clay compresses as part of your treatment.
Time out.

60 mins

An excellent treatment for those with skin conditions, acne, psoriasis, sun burn, cuts and abrasions. First our caring staff apply Aloe Vera to the entire body, including face & hair, followed by a layer of cooling clay, you are then wrapped in cotton cloths to allow maximum absorption of the healing nutrients whilst you receive a reflexology foot massage.
This mixture can be then washed off in the healing waters of the Caribbean before concluding with a fresh water shower on site.

90 mins

Our therapists use a special blend of whole grain sea salt mixed with rosemary and oils. This mixture is rubbed over your entire body to invoke exfoliation and stimulate blood circulation a Mayan clay facial mask is applied to stimulate & mineralize the facial area. Your skin will look and feel fantastic .After a fresh water shower a blend of oils is applied with a light Swedish massage.

60, 90 or 2 hrs

Surrender yourself to absolute bliss: massages have been proven to reduce stress and tension, improve sleep, digestion, and promote healing.
For your massage may we recommend; a combination of Swedish massage with our therapists individually acquired techniques.
Relax as your therapist utilizes smooth strong strokes with light to moderate pressure.
This type of massage helps to relieve as well as reduce emotional and physical stress, relax muscles and improve circulation.<

60, 90 or 2 hrs

Promoting stress release in tense and contracted muscles , this variety of massage is excellent in restoring movement and flexibility ,concentrating on specific areas in the body depending on your needs our therapists work with the movement of the breath to penetrate deep into the muscle fiber helping to restore a sense of wellbeing.

60 mins

We promote the use of a clay and honey facial mask to cleanse and prepare the skin for an invigorating shoulder, neck, and face massage .As part of the final treatment plan a fresh fruit mask is applied, whilst you are receiving a foot massage to ground and relax your inner being.

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