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Mayan Clay is a natural cosmetic fabricated in Tulum Mexico that produces astounding results on your skin, hair, organs and energy field. Mayan clay detoxes your skin, mineralizes & regenerates cells, refines dry dehydrated skin, dis-inflames mosquito bites, acne, sunburn, eye bags and helps to heal skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema, excellent for stress release, indulge in the wonders of geo-therapy.

Premature aging

Use as an evening facial cleanser, splash your face with water or milk and apply a small amount of clay to your face, neck & eye area. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes. This action produces a light exfoliation, this is the secret of skin care, remove those dead upper layers naturally without the effects of chemical peelings. Rinse with cool water and apply a hydrating night cream. Repeat this process every evening for six weeks.

Skin rejuvenation and mineralization

Mix Mayan Clay with honey to a creamy paste. Apply this mixture to the skin and cover the area e.g. face throat and eyes with a damp cloth so that the clay does not dry, the effect we want is the absorption of minerals to rejuvenate the cells, leave it on for 20-40 minutes. When you wash the mixture off, apply your usual night cream with a stimulating invigorating massage to bring about a flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the area. Avoid excess sun exposure and smoking, they are the two most fatal causes of premature aging.


In order to sooth and calm sunburn apply a generous application of Mayan clay to the burnt area. The clay must be kept damp (covering it with a moist cloth or passing wet hands over it) Leave this mask on for at least one hour. I would then suggest an application of fresh aloe vera once the clay has been removed .Repeat this procedure daily until burn heals.


Apply a MAYAN CLAY mask to the affected area daily, a fairly thick application, leave on until dry. This is a great evening treatment. After rinsing off, apply a light coat of virgin olive oil that will be left on overnight. Do not apply moisturizer to acne skin or pick lesions. Clay reduces redness, absorbs excess oil, disinflames acne, sooths and heals. Regular use helps to break the acne cycle.

Eye bags

Mix clay with a dash of chamomile tea, apply this mask generously around the eyes, and over the bags and inflammation. Cover the eyes with a damp cloth and relax for approximately 20 min. For best results repeat the treatment three times per week. The effect is incredible.


Use as a facial and body mask apply generously twice a week for 45 minutes. This improves the skin’s function and balances the electromagnetic energy field. Apply a generous layer over the kidneys abdomen and liver. Detoxes & energizes. Mayan clay therapy fantastic for people exposed to high levels of radiation e.g. chemotherapy patients, air crew etc. Clay masks assist the body in the systemic removal of many industrial chemicals. For specific areas, apply a generous application, cover with a cotton cloth and allow to dry slowly, for the maximum elimination of toxins.

Depression and menopause

Apply a thick layer of Mayan Clay over the spine and nap of neck, thus covering the central nervous system. Cover the area with a cotton cloth and allow the Mayan Clay to dry slowly. Repeat twice a week for one hour. This treatment allows for the absorption of minerals into the central nervous system .For migraine headaches, pack the back of the neck with a thick layer of clay, cover with a cloth and allow for a slow drying period.

Mayan Clay is a live energized natural cosmetic that helps to detox refine and mineralize your body. Charged with positive electromagnetic energy Mayan Clay stores the radiation it has received from exposure to the elements, sun, wind and rain during its formation over thousands of years. According to specialists that study geotherapy, the healing effect of clay treatments comes from the power house of stored energy, the body’s ability to absorb these, and clay’s ability to adsorb toxins from the body.

When a Mayan Clay body mask is applied to the body it supplies positive electrons which are absorbed, transferring force and vitality to the body. Like a natural magnet . The clay also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc which are essential life processes. During a clay treatment the body absorbs those minerals it needs, promoting nerve relaxation and a state of equilibrium.

A clay body mask also works like a magnet, absorbing months of toxic buildup. One mask placed over your largest organ, the skin, has the power to absorb many environmental pollutants such as aluminum from canned food, nicotine, food additives and preservatives, lead found in dyes and gasoline, insecticides, copper from hot tubs and chemicals found in swimming pools, mercury from cosmetics, paint and plastic, among many others we come into contact with daily.

These are only some of the natural curative powers of clay that people have used across cultures for thousands of years.

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